Mono Kimono Hinged Ovals

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product is located in and manufactured in Australia the size of the hinged oval earrings is 2.0cm by 4.3cm shipping is free in Australia and not shipped overseas Delivery time - click for more info Returns are possible - read details here

These sweet little hinged oval earrings are the dangle you have, when you are not having a dangle.

They are dainty in a way, but they won't be missed with their riot of colour and pattern clashing.

All our resin earrings are hand made in Australia by Eccentric Republic, making each pair unique and one-off in design.

The drop is approximately 2 cm x 1.5 cm and the stud is 2 cm x 1.5 cm, giving the earrings an overall length of approximately 4.3 cm .

The earring post is made from surgical steel, so it is hypoallergenic and contains no nickel.

Note: Every pair is individual, so make sure you check out all of them so you find the ones you like best. As each pair is hand made and hand finished, they may contain the occasional micro air bubble or small indentation, but we think this adds to the overall organic design.