About Us

At Eccentric Republic we want to share our creative vision and inspire people to live a colourful life. 

who we are
Sarah & Maeike – childhood besties!

where we are from
Sarah is originally a Victorian, but moved up to Queensland at a young age. Maeike was born in Brisbane!

what we have done before
We started by selling at markets in Sydney, with our original artwork printed onto purses, cushions & bookmarks. Then we moved to New Zealand and opened our own shop – not the plan! There we made hand printed cushions, felted products, bags, jewellery, paintings, & scarves. After that we returned to Oz and started refurbishing furniture and ornaments, creating vintage signs and paintings, and selling those through our shop space in The Paddington Antique Centre (now Empire Revival).  

why we do what we do
We love to create, and creative design is a process that never stops. It is a perpetual drive to make products that hopefully, make your world an even more interesting place.

live the colourful life