Top 5 Best Yoga YouTube Videos

We get it, you don’t always have the time, money or local access to a regular yoga class.

Well, with the beauty of YouTube, it’s easy to pull on some funky yoga leggings & exercise & meditate from the comfort of your lounge room.

Here are the top 5 best Yoga YouTube videos that we have found.


5 - Fightmaster Yoga

527K subscribers 614 videos

Their motto says it all, “It’s not about the pose”. You don’t have to be perfect.

 Featured topics:    Glowing Yoga body workout
Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga Challenges
Full body Yoga stretch


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4 - Kino Yoga

626K subscribers 1635 videos

    A yoga teacher, Kino McGregor has 20 years practice, including 17 years of Ashtanga.

     Featured topics: 1 month Yoga challenge
    Yoga strength drills – core, shoulders & more
    Yoga slow flow
    Ashtanga Yoga primary


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    3 - Tara Stiles

    326K subscribers 656 videos

    Founder of Strala, a practice that combines Yoga, Tai chi & traditional Chinese medicine. Tara is also a best selling author.

     Featured topics: Daily Yoga
    Wakeup & Yoga
    Wind-down & Yoga


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    2 - Sarah Beth Yoga

    717K subscribers 342 videos

      With 10 years of practice under her belt, Sarah has it all sorted for you with not only YouTube videos on her channel, but an easy app and calendars.

       Featured topics: Yoga for beginners
      By Focus
      By Length
      7 day & 30 day Challenges


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      1 - Yoga with Adriene

      6.19M subscribers 551 videos

      With a staggering amount of YouTube subscribers, Adriene is definitely placed at our number 1 spot.

      Adriene produces videos containing high quality practices on Yoga & mindfulness and Yoga & meditation for all levels. She also holds the honor of being Googles most searched workout of 2015. Plus she has a really cute Blue Heeler named Benji!


       Featured topics:    Yoga Practices by length
      Yoga for back pain
      Yoga for weight loss


      For more go to: 


      Hope this helps with your search for finding your balance with the perfect workouts on YouTube.

      Look forward to our next blog post on Best YouTube Videos for Curvy Girls.



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